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AusBet.com.au prides itself in bringing Australian punters all the best online betting sites in one place, and in the last four years has established itself as a leading informational resource. Our years of experience in the online industry have allowed us to build our reputation and strengthen our team, and we are proud to have several online betting experts in our midst.

Ausbet LogoOur team of reviewers and editors has extensive experience in the betting industry, both on and offline and are dedicated to providing punters with accurate information pertaining to online betting sites, the bets available and the odds on offer. We are here to ensure that you always have access to the best Australian betting sites and that finding a reliable and trustworthy online bookmaker is no longer a taxing experience.

The operative word when it comes to Ausbet.com.au is “standards”. We drive them from within and these standards are upheld in our content. It’s our ambition to become the biggest gambling portal for Australians.

The Ausbet.com.au team all have one thing in common: our love of the punt. Hopefully we can pass on some of our combined knowledge and in return receive your continued readership.

Why use Ausbet.com.au?

We won’t yank your chain. If a site is no good or is having issues it will not be promoted on our site. We want your repeat visits so honesty and integrity is the key to gaining your trust. Some of the things that set us apart from other affiliate sites:

  • Bookmaker reviews: If a site we are promoting has pitfalls you will know about them. In time we aim to have a heavily user-influenced review system.
  • Sports previews: The writing team at Ausbet.com.au like one thing more than sports betting and that’s gambling. We provide, 100% free, previews and news ahead of the biggest events at home and abroad.
  • Horse racing: It’s un-Australian not to punt on the nags. From the Melbourne Cup to the Flat Nacker Handicap in country NSW we will be there with the latest.
  • Casino and games guides: Need to learn the rules of a casino game before a night on the town? Ausbet.com.au will have you covered.
  • Online casinos: It’s no secret we will gamble on anything at this website, including online casinos, and we know a hell of a lot about them.

Reviewing the Best Online Bookmakers

We’ve sourced the best online bookmakers in the business, subjected them to an intensive review process and recommended those that are found to offer an all-round excellent experience. With mobile betting fast becoming a popular option we have also listed betting sites that are compatible with iOS, android and a host of other top smartphones and tablets. Before a betting site makes it onto our list we take the time to independently review it and each member of our team focuses on the areas where they are most knowledgeable. This means that the final results are based on multiple opinions of punters who are experts in a number of different fields, so you’ll always enjoy the best betting experience possible.

Australians love of betting is well known and we make sure that every type of betting option is on offer, whether it be local or international sports and racing, political, entertainment or financial. We’ve hunted down the best bookmakers that offer a diverse and versatile range of betting options and we’ve made sure that the odds on offer are amongst the best online. The bookies that we’ve chosen as the best are all well established and licensed, and we cater to Australians who demand world class betting opportunities in an easy to access environment.

Ausbet.com.au business model

Ausbet.com.au works on the “affiliate” model which creates revenue by acquiring ‘clicks’ from potential punters. We then receive a share of the money turned over by the player at the gambling site they have visited as a ‘tagged’ visitor of our site.

We believe in giving visitors something in return for their click and that is information and educated opinions. It is our belief that it will create a loyal readership, a group or club of people who can get their gambling fix – no matter what their favourite past time is – in the one location.

How to get your site included on Ausbet.com.au

As with everything at Ausbet.com.au we have standards and potential partners must meet these standards. We are an Australian-facing site and duly cater to Australians and only support websites accepting AUD deposits and displaying player balance in this currency.

Get in Touch

We are based in Australia and only recommend betting sites that we’d punt at ourselves. Our local positioning makes it easy for us to identify the best online bookmakers and we love hearing from other Australians who’ve found our services useful or want to offer us feedback on their experiences. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or input, it’s our goal to assist every punter in enjoying their online or mobile betting to its full.

A Solid History

AusBet.com.au was first established over a decade ago in 2006 and during this time has built up a steady legion of fans who return regularly to check out the latest offers, find the sites with the best odds or just learn more about different betting types. We welcome all beginners and experienced punters and we aim to cover everything you need to know about betting online. For beginners the world of online betting may seem confusing or even a little overwhelming at first, so we are here to make getting started that little bit easier, whilst experienced players are often looking for the hottest new deals or exciting new markets, so we keep you up to date with the latest industry happenings. Our team has grown exponentially over the years, and we take great pride in the commitment and contribution we’ve made to the Australian betting industry.

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