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Geelong Cup 2019 Betting

The Geelong Cup is a Geelong Racing Club Group 3 Thoroughbred horse race, which is held annually in Geelong, Victoria, in Australia. The race has been run annually since 1872, initially covering various distances. It has since been set on a distance of 2400 metres.

The Geelong Cup race is held every year in October, one week after the Caulfield Cup and thirteen days before the esteemed Melbourne Cup. Due to this schedule, the Caulfield Cup is often seen as a reliable predictor of the winners of the Geelong Cup, while the Geelong Cup itself is often seen as a reliable predictor of the winners of the Melbourne Cup.

The cash prize of the Geelong Cup is set at $300,000, making this an enormously lucrative race to participate in, as well as one to bet on. Geelong Cup betting is indeed quite popular, and follows many of the guidelines of traditional horse racing.

Geelong Cup

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Geelong Cup Bookmakers

Betting on the Geelong Cup

Bettors participating in Geelong Cup betting will do well by taking a good look at the Geelong Cup odds before placing their bets.

As in all horse racing, there are two different types of bets available for bettors to choose from, namely, straight bets and exotic bets.

As the name suggests, straight bets are much simpler. Here, bettors can simply choose on who they think will come in first, second, and third. They can bet on either the horse they think will win, or they can bet on a particular position that they think a particular horse will land up in.

Straight bets are relatively simple to understand, and they are also relatively cheap to play.

Exotic bets, in contrast, are a little more difficult to understand and they are quite a bit more expensive to play. These bets allow sports bettors to make multiple bets and on multiple horses, but all within one single overall bet. Bettors will require quite a bit of knowledge for these types of bets and are generally left for more advanced bettors. However, exotic bets also have a considerably higher payoff.

Geelong Cup Tips

Even though the bets are the same as in other horse races, there are particular Geelong Cup tips that will help bettors make a better choice.

According to race statistics, the Geelong Cup race is generally led by proven staying types, who are generally also heading into the Melbourne Cup. Bettors will be advised to look at form over distance, as well as to consider the successful competitors of the prior Caulfield Cup who are also competing on the Geelong Cup.

One way bettors can ensure they make the best possible bets is by consulting the Geelong Cup form guide. This guide will contain all the information that a bettor may require, including trainer and jockey information and statistics on the horses. The best Geelong Cup tip for bettors would be to choose a well-weighed runner that has already done well in the previous Caulfield Cup.

Keeping this in mind will help bettors place the best possible Geelong Cup bets.

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