AFL Online Betting

Football fans are among the most ardent in the world, and Australian enthusiasts are no exception. For those who love to watch their favourite teams play, betting on Australian Football League (AFL) matches takes the excitement and enjoyment to a whole new level. There are several types of AFL bets that can be made, and beginners and seasoned punters alike continue to enjoy the challenges. Shrewd AFL bets and careful strategy will keep you in the black, so read our helpful guidelines below.

With the AFL being such a busy league, there are many different wagers that punters can lay on AFL games. You can place basic AFL bets on who will win a match, and with each team having different AFL betting odds to win there is often a points spread that must be exceeded for you to get the full payout. This is a good place for novices to begin, and you can easily make simple AFL footy betting on single matches.

As you get to know teams and players more, another simple wager that you may want to try is to bet on a player scoring a specific points amount or exceeding another goal in their running or defensive statistics.

Best AFL Betting in Australia

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At certain points in the year, exotic multiple match bets are available to punters, which can make things even more exciting. At these times, enough matches are run that bracket bets are taken, where punters choose the winners of the entire tournament and correct predictions are very handsomely rewarded. Other long-term AFL bets include which teams will be top of the points ladder in a season. If you choose correctly you are paid out at the end of the season.

Some AFL betting sites even allow you to design a fantasy team of all your favourite players, which becomes even more fun if your dream team is deemed the best and you are rewarded with a sizeable prize.

Best AFL Betting Odds

As always in online Australian sports betting, it is recommended that you research teams and players as much as possible before making any AFL bets. It’s important to follow the facts and also trust your instincts, and the more AFL footy betting you place the better you will become at doing this. As far as possible you should also try not to let your emotions influence your decisions, although this can be quite challenging for die-hard footie fans with long ties to a team. Consider AFL betting odds, sports reporters’ opinions and player and team statistics as you make your decisions.

Online Australian betting sites take their cue from their visitors, and so treat football and AFL betting with the seriousness and respect that they deserve. Betting on AFL games always gives punters a chance for a good payout, and underdog teams actually win quite often. As the ladders of the season show, even the best teams in the League stand a chance of losing. These possibilities keep AFL betting really exciting, and serious gamblers need to keep a close eye on the League and any developments. Luckily, given how entertaining the game is, this is easily achieved.