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FIFA 2018 World Cup Betting

There are a lot of big sporting events that take place every four years, but none are quite as big or hold as much weight as the FIFA World Cup. This is the ultimate set of events and games, where only the best football teams in the world are pitted against each other in some of the most competitive action year after year. Organised by the football association FIFA, the World Cup is also one of the oldest international sporting events in the world, having been first started in 1930, and only growing in popularity with each passing cup.

The World Cup is held in different locations every four years, and Brazil was the hosts of the last cup in 2014. The 2018 World Cup is going to be held by Russia, and many believe it will be a massive success. All qualifying countries will travel to Russia in 2018, where the teams will be fully accommodated for during the events that will take place. Like with previous hosts, Russia has been building facilities to host the cup successfully, and it should prove to be one of the most interesting World Cups in recent history. Some previous World Cup winners will be attending the event, including Germany and Brazil, who each won four and five championships respectively. This also makes them the two favourites of the teams playing, and definitely the main target for World Cup betting.

FIFA Betting

FIFA World Cup Betting Sites

There are billions around the world that tune in every four years to watch the games as they happen, and a large percentage of those not only enjoy following what is happening, but also like to take out bets on who will win. FIFA World Cup soccer betting is some of the biggest betting in the world, and even outshines other giants in the betting world, such as horse racing.

This is where the bookmakers will come in, and most international bookmakers will plan for years in advance, including collecting data to create the odds for the game, setting up the types of bets that will be available to players, and ensuring all online facilities are able to maintain even during the busiest time of the event. Some of the bets that will most likely hit the market first will include the match odds bet, the single, double, treble, accumulator, and many more. Different bookies will offer different bets, and this is the best time to starting looking up the kinds of bets that will be on offer.

For those wanting to simply get involved in some outright match betting, these are some of the odds that you can expect:

  • Spain: 7/1
  • German: 11/2
  • Brazil: 13/2
  • Spain: 7/1
  • England: 18/1
  • Russia: 33/1

Top FIFA 2018 Betting Odds

There is still some time before the FIFA World cup starts, making it the perfect opportunity to start brushing up on what kind of Soccer world cup betting will be available from the best online bookies. It’s looking to be some of the best FIFA World Cup betting in recent memory.