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Best Totes Betting Online in Australia

All forms of online sports betting in Australia are becoming more and more popular all the time, but the biggest favourites are still horse racing wagers. There are many exciting ways to place tote bets on the performance of these fine animals, and one of the most important skills you can master is to pick the best online totes betting for each race.

Best Totes Betting Australia

Also known as Pool Bets or Pari-Mutuel Bets, Totes are made up of all of the wagers that have been placed on each race. The winnings are divided among successful punters based on the final odds. These change up until totes betting is closed and the race begins, because the odds are determined by the pool. When many people place the same bet, the payout is less than when a long shot wins. Long shots often make the best online Tote bets, and one of the reason totes betting are so thrilling is that you don’t know your exact odds until the very last minute.

The different kinds of Totes are best for different races and for different totes betting amounts. As you spend more time on the great online Australian betting sites reviewed here, you will make better decisions and stand better chances of winning. To start you on your way, we have provide a basic guide to the best online Tote bets here.

Australia’s Top Tote Betting Sites

Types of Tote Betting

Wins and Places are the simplest bets and are a great places for novices to begin. In a Win, you choose the horse you believe will win, and in a Place you choose the horse you think will place second or third. An Each Way bet combines these two, so that you can bet on the first three spots in the race.

In an Exacta bet, you name the first and second place winners exactly.

The Trifecta wager asks punters to pick the first three winning spots

In the popular Quadpot you need to choose horses to win or place in four races from third to sixth spot to cash in. It is inexpensive but can be very rewarding.

Another variation is the Placepot, where you need to pick horses in the same way but for all six races in a given day.

The Jackpot also requires you to select horses for each race, but now they must all place first. This is very challenging, but the rewards are correspondingly impressive. It’s often suggested that you put a small Tote Jackpot bet in with all your others, because even this can yield big returns.

A Scoop 6 is a more exotic variation of the above two bets. You need to name the winner in all the races of the day, and are rewarded very handsomely if you do. However, the risk is also high – just one mistake and you lose everything.

The most exotic Tote bet is definitely the Swinger. The punter must choose two horses that they believe will place in the top three spots. If they both do, the punter will win and earn a payout. These payouts are based on the exact placement of the winning horses. The best returns are usually one-two finishes, and one horse must usually place in the top spot for the payouts to be triggered.

Practice makes perfect

As you get to know your own totes betting style, you will soon discover the best online Tote bets for you. Check out our reviews to find the best online Australian totes betting sites to make your wagers.

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