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Caulfield Cup Betting 2019

Thanks to these great Australian sports betting websites, punters can bet on one of the country’s most prestigious horse racing events. Open a punter account today, and you can enjoy easy, convenient Caulfield Cup betting.

The precursor to the esteemed Melbourne Cup, this horse race began in 1879, and is held every year at the Caulfield Racecourse during the October Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. Punters can enjoy all the usual betting options, as well as some unique inter-race Caulfield Cup betting opportunities.

This race usually offers good indicators of a punter’s chosen horse’s performance for placing Melbourne Cup bets when that follows in November.

One of Australia’s most anticipated equestrian events, the Caulfield Cup makes for serious business when it comes to betting. Most seasoned punters study the Caulfield Cup betting odds before placing Caulfield Cup bets, often right up until the last minute.

This Caulfield Cup betting strategy is based not on wishful thinking, but on very real events in the history of the race. These events had a dramatic effect on the Caulfield Cup odds, as in 2007, when four horses were affected in such a way that punters had to make serious adjustments to their Caulfield Cup betting just before the race was due to begin.

If punters also want to bet on the Melbourne Cup, they will do well to pay attention to the standings for the Caulfield Cup, as these can influence the odds of the Melbourne Cup.

Caulfield Cup Betting

Caulfield Cup Bets

Online Caulfield Cup betting opens up a world of betting options to punters. These options include both standard racing bets, as well as exciting opportunities to make double bets with the Melbourne Cup.

Some of the standard bets that can be placed at these recommended Australian sports betting sites are Win bets, where punters simply select the winner of the race; Each Way bets, where a place and a win are selected; Place Caulfield Cup bets, where a punter selects a horse to win in the money from second place onwards; Quinella, where a punter selects the winner and second place, regardless of winning order; Exacta, where a punter selects the first and second place winners in order; and Trifecta, where a punter selects the first, second and third place winners in order.

Caulfield Cup betting online can also be doubled up with Melbourne Cup betting. These unique double bets remain a favourite among Australian punters, as there have been several horses who won the Caulfield Cup, and went on to win the Melbourne Cup as well. There have been eleven of these double cup winners since the races began, including Let’s Elope, Might and Power, Ethereal, and Poseidon.

United States Caulfield cup Bookies

Caulfield cup Bookies

Mobile Caulfield Cup Betting

If you want to join thousands of punters from Australia and around the world in placing wagers on one of the country’s top horse races, you can do so with minimum fuss.

As long as you have a personal computer or laptop, and an active internet connection, you will be able to open a punter account, fund it using accessible banking options, and enjoy top quality Caulfield Cup betting at your convenience.