Online Soccer Betting Australia

Soccer is definitely one of the world’s most popular games to play and watch, and it is so much more exciting if you have money on the outcome. With its international appeal, there are always professional matches being played, so you can enjoy good soccer betting nearly all year round. Let us show you how to get the most from your wagers here.

Soccer fans are loyal and passionate, and almost everyone has a favourite team. Placing small soccer bets on a team because they hold a place in your heart is fine, but you need to be more analytical when deciding where you want to put most of your money. It can be quite risky to put too much of your funds on an underdog, and a more sensible strategy is to consider the history and statistics of a team. While the typically low scores of soccer games do mean that even one miss can end a team’s winning streak, this information is still the best way to make soccer betting decisions.

The different wagers that you can place is one of the things that makes soccer betting so exciting, and you can put money on the outcomes of tourneys and matches and even on individual player performance. You can also place soccer bets across multiple matches. As you punt more and get more familiar, you will start to know what works well for you and what works best in different situations.

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Soccer Bets Online

You can place a straight bet on which team will win, and can bet on the score at half-time and when the game ends. You can also place soccer bets on the total number of goals in the game, regardless of who scores them. Player bets include who will make the game’s first goal, later goals or the final goal. You can also put money on whether there will be an odd or even number of goals and which game half will see the most points scored. Tournament bets to determine the winner of a series are also popular, as are Asian Handicap bets which allow you to choose who wins the second match half only.

There are many exotic soccer betting options, but as you begin your punting journey it’s often best to stick with the simple basics. As you become more confident, you can try the different wagers and the live soccer betting options that many of the best sports betting sites in Australia are now offering. A great example of this is the Asian Handicap bet, which can really make the second half of a match more exciting, but novices should explore basic soccer bets and get to know teams before placing one of these. As you build confidence and want to try out different types of soccer betting, you should look out for sites that offer bonus and limited risk bets for new wagers that an individual has not tried. These allow you to try new soccer bets without the usual risk profile, and see how they really work.

Mobile Soccer Betting

With so many exciting soccer bets possible on the beautiful game, it is no surprise that soccer betting is so popular in Australia today. After you’ve tried it for yourself, you may well wonder how people can watch matches without the thrills of a punt or two.