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The National Football League (NFL) is a very exciting organisation, and is a great institution for fans of the game and allows them to enjoy the games all year round. The only thing more exciting than watching a football match is watching one when you have money riding on it. This game might be American in origin, but it has proven to be a popular favourite among online Australian sports betting gamblers and with the technology of remote playing NFL betting is easily conducted by players from Down Under.

There are several different types of NFL bets that can be placed on NFL games. As you get more familiar with making them, you will soon see which ones work best in which situation and which ones you most prefer. The general suite of NFL betting possibilities includes:

Buying points: you can buy points in your favour on a pointspread game. This means that if you have bet on the underdog in such a game, you can take this action to improve your chances of winning.

Single bets are wagers that are placed in the outcome of a single event. They are the simplest and most popular NFL bets, and are a great place for novices to start from but are also the way that most seasoned punters actually prefer. The easiest single bet is to bet the NFL point spread, and if there is no spread you can bet the moneyline.

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Multi single bets involve players taking all of their different single bets and amalgamating them into one. This is different than a parlay because each bet is processed individually, and you can even blend single bets from other sports into this large NFL betting option. These NFL bets allow you to effectively manage your bet sizing, and you are able to enter a different amount for each straight line that you are punting. The betting software for these wagers is fantastic and calculates exactly how much you need to put forward to reach your goals, so playing online definitely has its advantages here.

When you are comfortable with the single bet, you can expand your horizons with the popular parlay. You are allowed to bet on the outcome of up to twelve events, and is a great way to increase potential payouts and minimise any risk.

An If Bet is triggered only if a previous NFL betting odds condition is met, which lowers your overall risk.

Reverse bets are underestimated in NFL betting and are another clever way to lower your risk. You bet on the teams that will take first and second place, but the possibilities of each finishing first are covered and your loss is minimised.

Round robins are specialised parlays that involve three or more teams in two-team parlays

In teaser bets, all of the games in a parlay have their lines adjusted so that favourable outcomes are more likely. As a payoff for this, you also lower your potential payout.

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Before you place any NFL bets, as always, it is important to do some legwork of your own. Check expert opinions of a team and its players, recent player history, recent team history and the history that the teams have of playing against each other.

As you get to know what to look for in teams and players and get to know the potential NFL bets, you will become better and better at making astute NFL betting odds decisions. There is no shortcut to this, but you are also sure to have great fun while doing it.